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The SAS Music Difference

Through our unique program approach, SAS Music seeks to "raise the bar" in music education. For decades now, the tradition in private music lessons has been to have a once a week lesson and end the year with a recital. In this setting it's easy for teachers to run on auto pilot using the same methods for the same concepts every time. At SAS Music we have turned the auto pilot off and we continue to actively find and create new ways to improve the quality of our teaching methods. While we admire and employ many traditional methods we also find that fresh ideas help to continuously enhance and improve the quality of music education.

The foundation of our program is a comprehensive curriculum consisting of music theory, technique, performance and ear training. These fundamental elements of music education provide the platform by which students are enabled to pursue music at any level. By structuring these key elements into a 6 level system we call SAP (Student Awards Program) we help students set goals and rewarded them for their accomplishments.

Another unique aspect of our lessons program is the music workshops that SAS Music offers its students. By providing a group learning atmosphere, our workshops inspire and build camaraderie among music students enhancing their learning experience.

In addition to our regular recitals we offer additional performance opportunities. SAS Music offers statewide events such as PianoFest and ChamPianos. These types of events motivate and inspire students to set goals and work hard to achieve them.

Through this unique program approach, it is our goal to continue to raise the standard of music education.