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Piano FAQs

What is the right age to start piano lessons?
As early as age 5! We offer a free no obligation consultation and evaluation to assess each student's readiness. Of course, you are never too old to start; we welcome students of all ages, including adults!

How much will each student need to practice?
To reap the full value of their music lessons, students should commit to practice at least 4 days a week. The amount of time spent at each practice will vary by age and skill level but beginning piano students should expect to practice approximately 20-30 minutes at each practice.

Can you learn to play piano on a keyboard or electric piano?
Absolutely! If you already own one, a full sized keyboard is a cost efficient way to introduce a student to the piano. However, as the student develops their musical talent and shows his/her interest to be long term, it is important to consider purchasing a piano. There are significant differences between electric and acoustic instruments.

What if I don't own a keyboard or a piano?
If you don't own either a keyboard or a piano, we highly recommend renting or buying a piano. Many piano stores rent pianos, some as low as $30/month. We do not recommend buying a keyboard, as a quality keyboard can cost just as much as a used piano. Feel free to contact us for any assistance and we will help you find the right instrument to fit your needs and budget.

Where should I go to buy books?
Nowhere! SAS Music will provide all books and materials and bill you accordingly.
☆ Many of our teaching materials are created in-house and included in the cost of lessons. ☆