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Guitar FAQs

What is the right age to start guitar lessons?
Most students can be ready to begin guitar lessons as early as age 8 but in order to ensure readiness we recommend age 10. If you are interested in starting your child in guitar lessons and are unsure if they are ready, we offer a free consultation and evaluation to assess their readiness. Of course, you are never too old to start; we welcome students of all ages, including adults!

How much will each student need to practice?
Students should recognize that music lessons are a time consuming activity and should commit to practicing a minimum of 4 days a week. The amount of time spent at each practice will vary by skill level but beginner piano students should expect to practice approximately 20-30 minutes at each practice.

Should we buy an acoustic or electric guitar?
Generally speaking, it's best to start out on an acoustic guitar first. It's much easier to switch to electric later on. However, if you already own either, we will work with what you already have. If you are unsure if the instrument you have is suitable for lessons, we can advise you further at the consultation.

Where should I go to buy books?
Nowhere! SAS Music will provide all books and materials and bill you accordingly.
Many of our materials are created in-house and included in the cost of lessons.