About SAS Music

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Our Vision

Our vision is to bring music into people's homes, inspiring our students to discover the joy of music through a personalized, fully interactive, highly motivational learning experience. We dream of a world where music is at the forefront and its life enriching qualities reach beyond the individual into the community.

Our Commitment

As musicians, we commit to using our talents to create a positive impact on our community and to inspire our students.

As teachers,we commit to teaching our students everything they need to know about music and anything they want to know about music.

As a company,we commit to offering our clients the absolute best. The best in customer service, the best in music education and the absolute best experience possible.

Teaching Philosophy

At SAS Music we believe music is an essential element of education. By focusing on music as part of the students' education, we enable them to reap the long term benefits of music education, such as higher scores on standardized tests like the SATs, among countless others.

“I do not believe brilliant minds make good music, I believe good music makes brilliant minds.”
~ Sarah A. Schmitt, Director

In addition to providing each student with the basic foundations for a music education we believe they should be guided in the areas of music which interest them the most. We believe each lesson should accentuate the student's strengths and improve upon their weaknesses.

We believe all music lessons should consist of a comprehensive curriculum that includes technique, theory, performance and ear training. With these essential components, each student will be able to explore music in a variety of ways. They will be equipped to pursue music at any level they desire.