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Piano Lessons Overview

Our exclusive, in-home piano lessons program provides convenience and allows students to learn music in the comfort of their own home.

Our rewards based program inspires students to:

  • Set goals
  • Stay motivated
  • Achieve success

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    Exclusive!American Maestro Awards
                          Program Details
                          Student Incentives
                          Performance Opportunities


    American Maestro Awards

    SAS Music's piano curriculum centers around the American Maestro Awards (AMA). AMA is an awards based piano curriculum comprised of the 4 essential elements of music education:

    • Technique
    • Music theory
    • Ear training
    • Performance
    AMA consists of 3 tiers:
    ♪ Novizio
    ♪ Intermezzo
    ♪ Maestro

    Each tier encompasses 2 classifications:
    Primo (I) & Secondo (II)

    Benefits of AMA:
    ☆ Ensures the quality of your music lessons
    ☆ Motivates and rewards students for their hard work
    ☆ Provides a clear indicator of the student's progress

    Program Details

    Our program includes:

    • Weekly lessons, typically 45 minutes
    • Comprehensive curriculum
      • Technique
      • Music theory
      • Ear training
      • Performance
    • Open Mics
    • Seasonal Concerts
    • and more!
    In addition to using traditional method books we create many of our own teaching materials through our in-house publisher, PorterHouse Publishing, LLC.

    Please see our Piano FAQs » for answers to common quesitons.

    Student Incentives

    As part of our commitment to inspire and motivate our students we have student incentives built into our curriculum such as:

    ☆ Star Student Prizes
    which encourages good practice habits and rewards students for completing their weekly assignments.

    ♪ Student Challenges
    Student challenges such as our "Practice Marathon" motivate students to practice even more as they rack up points and prizes for every minute they practice!

    Open Mics, Concerts, & Competitions

    SAS Music hosts a Winter Concert and Spring Concert each year which the students are given the opportunity to show their family and friends what they have accomplished.

    In addition to 2 concerts a year, we also offer group workshops in the Fall and Spring semester.

    Events that inspire
    and motivate students

    As part of our commitment to offer numerous performance opportunities, in addition to the events described above, SAS Music students are given the opportunity to participate in ChamPianos a piano competition developed in conjunction with the American Maestro Awards. Sponsored by BOLD, Inc. Champianos gives students the opportunity to use their skills to earn prizes, including scholarships.


    The instructors at SAS Music find it very important for students to enjoy the music they are learning and to have some choices in their repertoire. Very simply put,

    If students like what they are playing..
                                  ... they will keep playing it!

    SAS Music encourages students to learn about different styles and music genres, including
                     ♪ Classical
                     ♪ Pop
                     ♪ Broadway

                     ♪ and more!

    With their teacher's guidance we encourage students to choose recital music that inspires them.


    ChamPianos is an annual state-wide piano competition sponsored by BOLD, Inc. It is open to all piano students grades K - 12 and utilizes a level system based on the American Maestro Awards.