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Rock Band FAQs

How are the rock bands formed?
Easy as 1, 2, 3!
1. Musicians submit an audition video.
2. Musicians who exhibit the most talent and enthusiasm will be selected by our coaches (Sarah A. Schmitt and Daniel Melton).
3. Selected musicians will be invited to join a band (grouped according to their skills, music preferences and age range).

Do I have to be an SAS Music student to audition?
No! Any student grades 3 - 12 may audition!

Do the musicians need to be currently taking lessons?
No! However, it is strongly recommended that all our musicians take lessons while in the rock band.

Where will rehearsals take place?
Just like professional rock bands, rehearsal locations may vary depending on the need of the band. SAS Music is committed to making rehearsals convenient to each band. However, recording sessions will take place in Vinings.

Will I need to purchase sheet music?
No! All necessary materials will be provided.

Who will direct band rehearsals?
Sarah A. Schmitt or Daniel Melton will be coaching the bands during the Fall 2016 term.

Do parents have to attend rehearsals with their rockers?
No! Band members may be dropped off and picked up accordingly.