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Voice Lessons Overview

SAS Music offers in-home voice lessons serving the Atlanta area. Our personalized approach to voice lessons gives each student a musical experience tailored to fit his/her specific needs and goals.

Program Details

Lessons, typically 45-60 minutes long, are given once a week and include the following comprehensive curriculum designed to improve one's singing technique: vocal warm-ups, sight-singing, basic music theory, aural training, and the learning and performance of songs.

To personalize each lesson to fit the needs of the student, SAS Music creates and uses many of our own teaching materials. We include vocal warm-up CDs comprised of specialized exercises that cater to the specific needs of the student. Students are also provided an accompaniment CD to ensure convenient, effective practice between weekly lessons.

Please see our Voice FAQs » for answers to common questions

Student Awards Program (SAP)

Coming Soon!

Performance Opportunities

SAS Music hosts two concerts a year, one at the end of each Fall and Spring semester. Concerts give students the opportunity to show their family and friends what they have accomplished. Voice students are accompanied by live music at each concert.

In addition to two concerts a year, we also offer Open Mics three times each Fall and Spring semester.

Events that inspire
and motivate students

Recitals, Workshops and Open Mics are recorded and copies are made available to the students. Recordings of performances are an invaluable learning tool and inspire students to develop their skills to reach their highest potential.


The instructors at SAS Music find it very important for students to enjoy the music they are learning and to have some choices in their repertoire. Very simply put,

If students like what they are playing..
                              ... they will keep playing it!

SAS Music encourages students to learn about different styles and music genres, including
                 ♪ Classical
                 ♪ Pop
                 ♪ Broadway

                 ♪ and more!

With their teacher's guidance we encourage students to choose recital music that inspires them.