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Voice FAQs

What is the right age for a young student to start voice lessons?
Voice lessons require a student's lungs to be fully developed, this usually happens around age 8. Ideally a younger student would first begin piano lessons then transition to voice lessons at an older age. We recommend age 12 and up.

I thought singing was an innate ability someone is born with; can you teach someone to sing? What do students learn in a voice lesson?
YES! As with any activity, singing may come more naturally to some than others but anyone can learn to sing. Singing is a unique experience because the human body is the instrument. There are many physical issues addressed in the lesson to help the singer keep their "instrument" tuned. These include breath control, tonal placement, posture etc. These are all major factors in a students' singing ability.

Do I need to have a piano to take voice lessons?
Voice lessons can be taught either on a piano or a keyboard. Please keep in mind that a suitable keyboard will need to be 88 keys.

What is a "warm-up" CD?
And why is it important for singers to warm up before practicing their repertoire?
A warm-up CD contains various vocal exercises that change by half steps that prepare the singer physically for singing and also help to stretch the student's vocal range. During the warm-up time and while working on songs, the primary focus is development of the 'singer's breath' and improving each student's individual technique as well as confidence when singing.

Where should I go to buy books?
Nowhere! SAS Music will provide all books and materials for you and bill you accordingly